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Powerful, Effective Sanitization for your Home or Business

Our method is safe for the environment, your family & pets and powerful against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

Did you know bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces for hours to months?


Salmonella (foodborne illness): 1 to 4 hours 

Norovirus (stomach/digestive illness): several days 

Clostridium difficile (diarrhea): 5 months 

MRSA (staph bacteria): days to weeks 


Coronavirus: up to 2 weeks 

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) : up to 6 hours on door handles

Flu (influenza) virus: up to 24 hours 

Parainfluenza (respiratory): up to 10 hours 

We use a multi-stage process when we approach sanitizing. We use an EPA approved commercial-grade hydrogen-peroxide solution in an ultra-low volume fogger. Once the area has been sufficiently saturated with this sanitizing solution, we move on to our secret weapon. We use a Hydro-Ultra machine, which uses HEPA-filtered air scrubbing in combination with high concentration ozone, vaporized hydrogen-peroxide, and ultraviolet light treatment.


Ozone treatment has been shown to be effective in reducing over 90% of airborne bacteria and can reach hard to reach areas such as crevices. Viruses are generally more susceptible to ozone than bacteria. Our process, using vaporized hydrogen-peroxide and ultraviolet light treatment, is widely used in the medical field to kill bacteria and viruses by damaging the DNA/RNA of the cells of the microorganisms.


The HEPA-filtered air scrubbing is used to reduce airborne bacteria and can capture particulate sizes down to 0.3 microns (for content a micron which is smaller than a speck of dust). Any bacteria that is larger than 0.3 microns are trapped in the filter, where they are killed with the ultraviolet light.

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Let us help put your mind at ease - where you have had a potential exposure to COVID-19 or other viral or bacterial diseases in your home, vehicle, church, or business, call us and we will help ensure your environment is as safe as possible.

What can we treat?

  • Cars, RVs, Campers, Public Buses and Transportation, Rental Cars

  • Schools and Classrooms

  • Daycares or Child Care Facilities

  • Nursing Homes or Medical Offices

  • Office spaces, Businesses, Restaurants, Stores, or Recreation Facilities

  • Commercial Spaces and Developments

  • Homes, Garages, and Apartments

  • Apartment Buildings, Condos, and Rental Organizations

  • Churches or Non-profits

  • Hotels, Air BnB, Motels, and Short term rentals

  • Anywhere people interact

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